M.U.R.S Operations

Operating a Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) Device:

You may operate a MURS transmitter at any location the FCC regulates radio communications, subject to certain restrictions. A MURS transmitter must be certified by the FCC.

None of the MURS channels are assigned for the exclusive use of any user. You must cooperate in the selection and use of the channels in order to make the most effective use of them and to reduce the possibility of interference.

No MURS transmitter shall, under any condition of modulation, transmit more than 2 watts transmitter power output.

The usual range of communications between MURS stations is less than a few miles; connecting a MURS radio to an external antenna can extend the range to ten miles or more. MURS stations are not allowed to be interconnected with the public switched telephone network. A station identification announcement is not required to be transmitted. Other restrictions on the use of MURS stations also apply.

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