Feed Provider Terms of Service – What can and cannot be broadcast

Feed Providers are not allowed to broadcast:
  • “SWAT type” operations if on channels or talkgroups dedicated to those operations
  • Narcotics / CID / Investigations or other tactical operations on channels or talkgroups dedicated to those operations
  • Dedicated channels or talkgroups for Ambulance to Hospital Communications
  • Dedicated Federal Government or Military Communications (exceptions include any fire fighting operations, NASA space communications, park ranger operations)
  • Any commercial service broadcast (FM/AM/TV etc)
  • Music or talk show of any kind (commercial or non-commercial)
  • DJ or other type of similar activity (commercial or non-commercial)
  • Open Microphones

Broadcastify reserves the right to limit access to or disable broadcasts that the management feels not appropriate for the community.

Feed Delays:  Feed broadcasters are prohibited from implementing any user defined delays on their broadcasts unless they have the written approval from the Broadcastify administration staff.  Written approval for feed delays are typically only granted to official feed providers.

Some examples to help you understand what can and cannot be put on your feed:

  • If an agency has a dedicated frequency or talkgroup for SWAT operations – it is not allowed to be on the feed. If the agency’s SWAT team operates on the PD regular dispatch frequency, than it is OK.
  • If an agency has a dedicated frequency for ambulance to hospital communications, it is not allow to be on the feed. If the EMS agency passes patient reports over the regular EMS Dispatch channel, that’s OK.

There will always be exceptions and variations to this rule, but feed providers should always strive to maintain the spirit of what we have put into place above.

If there is a question about whether or not something can be broadcast, please submit a support request to the audio administration team at audio [at] broadcastify.com so we can address the issue.